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It is better to see once than read a hundred times.
Especially for the convenience of our customers, we created the most understandable videos of instructions that explain all the subtleties of working with the site. The video is divided into three blocks, check out with them, and you can more confidently take a step towards the right choice of our company.

Everyone can add their own video review.
Video Requirements:
  • The duration of the video is no more than 1 minute.
  • Personal presence in the frame.
  • Providing information about your own deposit.
  • Download the finished video to YouTube And send a link indicating your login to the mail: .
Video reviews

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Even the highest -common market cannot exist without a certain fraction of risk.In the cryptocurrency market, such a risk is minimal, but it is still.Therefore, we warn that in the event of force majeure circumstances, the deposit is returned by minus the funds that the client has already withdrawn.
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